The Reading List

What I’ve been reading and listening to in the trading and finance space:

House Money and the Break-even Effect:

Imagine that you are attending a convention in Las Vegas, and you walk into a casino. While passing the slot machines, you put a quarter into one machine and, surprisingly, you win $100. Now what? Will your gambling behavior for the rest of the evening be altered? Might you make a few more serious wagers, even if you usually abstain? Suppose instead that you had $100 in cash stolen from your wallet while taking a swim at the pool. How will that alter your behavior?

Market Making Myths & Truths:

Macrodesiac (David Belle) talks to Macrohedged about market making, getting to the truth about the role of the market maker and squashing the myths that appear on social media.

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The Reading List

What I’ve been reading in the trading and finance space:

The Millionth-Of-A-Second Advantage:

Traders’ quest for the slimmest sliver of advantage is as old as markets. In the 19th century, Reuters used carrier pigeons to speed the delivery of stock prices. More recently, Chicago pit traders donned platform shoes so they could see and be seen better on crowded trading floors. Today, getting an edge is all about the speed of light: 186,282 miles per second.

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The 4 Best Trading Setups For Next Week

Happy Sunday everyone! After a solid month of trading in January and a capital-preserving February, I’m up +7.5R for the year (what is R?). March has just started and I have selected 4 setups that show the most promise for the upcoming week. I hope you find the info valuable 🙂

Note: This weekly outlook is one of the cornerstones of the Trade Advisor program. If you want to know more about how I trade, including weekly setups, a swing trading strategy and a day trading strategy, an EA and a private trading room, check out my learning to trade program.

But enough about that, let’s get started with a preview of the economic news that’s planned for next week!

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