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4 forex VPS deals to make your trading more reliable

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As I’m sure many of you do as well, I’m using MetaTrader 4 as my main trading platform (using FxPro as my broker of choice). Running automated strategies poses a challenge however: you need to continuously keep your computer running to let the expert advisors make trades! That is something I’ve done in the beginning (yeah..), but it’s not very practical. I have since moved on to use a forex VPS hosting solution, something that allowed me to log in to my MetaTrader 4 instance whenever I wanted to without having my computer running 24/7.


Good forex VPS services set themselves apart from other VPS hosting companies by catering specific to the needs of forex traders. They make sure that maintenance only happens when the markets are closed, they offer regular backups and redundant servers. Some even offer free Expert Advisors as part of the hosting package.


Over the years I’ve used various forex VPS providers, so I’d wanted to give an overview of the good and cheap (but reliable!) VPS forex hosting companies that I know offer quality hosting that is reliable, affordable and will run your MetaTrader 4 platform without issues.


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The best forex VPS hosting:


Forex EA VPS

Firstly, these guys offer cheap forex VPS services and even install a free EA with every VPS order you make. I have multiple friends who have an account with them and they are all very happy of the reliability and the quality support they deliver. Check out their VPS offers.

The interesting part of this forex VPS host is that they have a plan that allows you to get a free VPS if you trade enough each month (the trading requirement is 10 lots). They have also partnered with multiple brokers (for example AxiTrader) to sponsor them to give you a free VPS.

Next to that, I like that you can run multiple MT4 platforms on the same VPS. If you already have a broker, they have a handy list of latencies that can make you decide if they’re a good fit. Have a look on their site.


Commercial Network Services

These guys might not be the cheapest of this list, but they definitely excel in offering professional hosting solutions for every trader. While not forex specific, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know about how to do reliable trading hosting! CNS also has a list of latencies to a big number of brokers. Have a look at their VPS offerings here.



Finally, this is not a forex VPS host in itself, but it is one of the most qualitative and reliable webhosting companies I’ve ever worked with. I use them for various sites of mine and I couldn’t be happier with their support and uptime. If you’re looking for an affordable webhosting package and enjoy the content on this site, consider clicking the below link to see if they have anything that could be of interest to you:


Which Forex hosting do you use and why? Leave a note in the comments!


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