Deliberate Practice


The purpose of this site has always been to help people to become better traders. I do this by providing free content such as articles and free strategies that describe the way I think about trading, strategies, testing, process and more.


Aside from this, I’m available for a more personalised approach to improving your trading knowledge. If you’re struggling to get consistent trading results and you’re serious about becoming a professional trader, this might be for you. I’m offering four separate services:



Do you have questions? Please have a look at this FAQ or contact me.



Trade Mentoring


Trade MentoringThe trade mentoring program is for traders who want to have continuous and in-depth trade coaching. It’s the logical next step if you’re serious about your trading and want to accelerate your learning process. In the trade mentoring program, we will dissect in detail every aspect of your trading and step by step find and work on the areas that will show you the most improvement. Trade mentoring includes the trade consultancy session as part of its program.


In the trade mentoring program, everything that is necessary to become a pro trader will be discussed. Examples are: how to create a solid trading plan, building a working strategy, backtesting strategies, risk and money management, dealing with news, trading psychology, professional trading routines, trading while having a 9 to 5 job and much more.


When you enrol in the mentoring program, you will have a weekly 1H one on one Skype session with me to discuss your progress as a trader, ask questions and keep improving. Additionally, I’m available for any questions through email and Skype messaging.


Please note that the trade mentoring program is available on a limited basis and subject to prior screening. In order for someone to benefit the most from this program, the trader should show enough motivation and show a willingness to improve. Even though I believe that having a mentor is the best way to shorten your way to become a pro trader, it will still require a lot of work and practice on your side.


Trade mentoring is available at a flat rate of $300 per month. This includes a weekly 1h private Skype session and support through email and Skype chat. Contact me or sign up:


MetaTrader 4 Expert Advisor consultancy


MetaTrader 4 Expert AdvisorFor years, I’ve been involved in the development of various MetaTrader 4 expert advisors. I’ve written free guides on how to get started with MetaTrader 4 EA development and have extensive knowledge in writing expert advisors. I’m running multiple successful expert advisors with automated trading strategies myself.


On a limited basis, I’m available to take on MetaTrader 4 EA consultancy for the following scenarios:

  • You have a working strategy that you want to have automated
  • You have a trading idea that you want to backtest using an EA to see if it will work over time
  • You want to have a consultation session to see if your strategy can be automated
  • You’re learning to develop expert advisors yourself but you want guidance from a long-time EA developer


Please contact me for more details about MetaTrader 4 Expert Advisor consultancy.