Best forex sites of 2016

Forex sites of 2016: the shortlist

“So, what kind of forex sites do you visit?”


This question got me thinking. My RSS reader has a “Forex” category that is positively bulking out. I mean, next to a list of great forex books, these are the resources I use to learn, share knowledge, read insightful forex analysis and connect with other traders.


I’m always on the lookout for the best forex resources. Analysis, price action, fundamental news, forums, automated trading, communities and so on. Unfortunately, I’m often coming across sites that haven’t been updated in recent years or are just not available anymore, so I’ve decided to share my up to date list of the best forex sites of 2016.


Of course, this is a quite an opinionated list. It should be! I believe my collection has a bigger focus on personal forex sites with useful insights and less on the bigger news sites or portals with entire editorial teams. Which means it’s more likely you’ll find some sites here that you haven’t come across yet! So without further ado…


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