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The Trade Advisor program is a unique membership program that gives you the best possible chances of getting consistent trading results. I focus on teaching you pro trading skills: discipline, risk management and a proven trading system. Every week, you get the same setups as I trade, you can directly ask me questions in a chat and I will guide you in becoming a consistently profitable trader.


With over 11 years of trading experience, I know what it takes to become profitable and I will show you how to do it too. We will pinpoint your biggest challenges and focus on getting rid of them as quickly as possible. This program is made for traders who want to stop losing and want to take their trading to the next level.


Are you ready to start the next chapter in your trading?



You’ll learn:


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CheckmarkHow to leverage the power of a proven trading strategy to get your trading back on track

CheckmarkHow to become a disciplined trader with a clear process and trading routine

CheckmarkWhat matters the most in trading and why it’s the difference between losing and winning

CheckmarkHow to find your confidence in the markets and have a plan that doesn’t require second-guessing

CheckmarkWhy trading doesn’t need to be complex and being consistently profitable is within reach of everyone



2018 Trade Advisor Performance (updated for August 2018!)


Below is the 2018 monthly performance in R-multiples (what is R-multiple?). An initial $10,000 deposit at the start of 2018 would’ve resulted in a $26,762 account size by the end of August, which is a net profit of $16,762! We do this with only a 1% risk per trade and the power of compounding profits!


Week after week, I’m showing the trades I have taken and the results are there for every student to see. It’s time for you to start taking trading seriously and learn how to trade my strategy. Are you with me?


How would you feel if your performance looked like this?


Who’s the program for?


It doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting started with forex or you’ve been trying to become profitable for years: this program is for every forex trader who wants to get better results but isn’t sure how to get started. I will show you how.


For the best results, you’ll need an open mind and a willingness to adapt to my trading style. If you do, be prepared for vastly improved trading results, a feeling of confidence in the markets and the satisfaction that you actually understand what’s going on. No more blown trading accounts.



What’s included:


As a member of the Trade Advisor program, you get the most direct insight into my trading, with on average 15 setups every week. It is the best way to learn my methods and trade like a professional trader. But it doesn’t stop there.


When you join the trade advisor program, you get (valued at €699!):


Checkmark15 forex and crypto setups per week

Checkmarkmy personal coaching to make you succeed

Checkmarkproof my system works: weekly trade reviews – here’s an example

Checkmarkmembers-only content: strategy, rules, trade management and more


a premium MT4 EA (expert advisor) that can take trades for you

Checkmarkaccess to a private online chat community of traders

Checkmarkaccess to a private twitter account with updates during the week



But don’t take my word for it


Since the start of this program, many students have completely turned around their trading. Here are a few testimonials:






Ben V.After following his content for about a year or so, I wanted to give Felix’ advisor program a try, just to see if it’s something for me. It was the right decision: it felt good to have some structure in my trading again! Felix is always available to answer my questions in the online chatroom and my trading is turning around because for once, I actually understand what’s going on! The weekend watchlist is a big help to understand how Felix looks at the markets and his setups just… make sense to me.

If you’re not sure about signing up, don’t think twice about it because you’ll earn it back soon enough!

– Ben V., Belgium


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