The Trade Advisor Program


The focus of the Trade Advisor program is to help you become a successful trader.


This means you will learn or develop a trading strategy with a REAL edge, adopt routines that give structure to your trading day and get my mentoring to learn how to think and act like a pro trader.

Are you up for it?


The Challenge of Trading


Trading is hard, there’s no way around it. The fact that you’re looking at this page probably means that you struggle with some aspect of it.

Maybe you’re new to trading and searching for a strategy that works. Or maybe you’ve been trading for a while but haven’t seen the results you’d hoped for. You might realize that even with a lot of knowledge, there’s no guarantee you will make money.

The only way to successfully take on trading is by covering all aspects of it. Not only strategy, but also routines, processes, mindset and execution. If any of these domains are lacking, you will not get the results you want.

My trading program is designed to help you address all of this. We start from the basics and then rebuild you into what is necessary to make it as a pro trader. This program is suitable for both beginners and advanced traders who want to improve their trading.


What will you learn


The core of the program is the strategy. That means you’ll use my trend reversal strategy, which I trade on forex, indices and commodities. You will get all the rules of this strategy, together with a plan for risk management, when (not) to trade, how to deal with news, how to determine stops and targets and more. Alternatively, I will help you develop your own strategy. I have extensive experience with a range of profitable strategies such as supply and demand, open range breakout, order flow and more.

The next step is your identity as a trader. In order to trade successfully, you don’t just need the strategy but you need to have the right mindset. That means I will teach you how to THINK as a trader. This includes expectations, the use of statistics and probabilities to determine edges in the market and learning to trade with confidence and patience. The end result is a trader who doesn’t chase the market but who takes calculated bets that exploit his edge, over and over again.

The last step are the trading tools and processes. A trader is only as good as the processes that are used. We look at developing a trading plan, the use of trading checklists, making a daily trading game plan, how to backtest strategies, using a trading journal effectively, how to review your trades to increase profitability and how to structure your trading day.


In short, you will learn everything you need to become a successful trader, plain and simple.


What is included


A member’s area with my full swing trading strategy (works on forex, commodities and indices)
My help with your own strategy (supply and demand, open range breakout, etc)
Documents, checklists, journal templates to help you with your trading
A weekly trading outlook with new trade setups and trade reviews of the past week
24/7 trading room (chat) access
Personal mentoring


Introduction to my trading strategy


I use a swing trading strategy on the 1H, 4H and daily timeframes. The focus is on trading trend reversals: the moment when an existing trend stops and a new trend starts is the moment when I get into a trade. The strategy is easy to understand and uses concepts not found elsewhere. It provides a focussed trading approach with clear entry and exit signals and mechanical trade management.


Some of My Recent Trades:


Frequently Asked Questions


I have a full-time job. Is this program suitable for me?

Absolutely! The Trade Advisor program has many members who have a full time jobs. If you can spend a bit of time on trading every day, you should be fine.

Additionally, I have multiple ways to reduce the time needed to trade my strategy (such as specific trade management, an Expert Advisor that can enter trades for you and more).

I trade stock indexes / futures / CFD's, does this strategy also work on those?

Yes! The core of the strategy is trend reversals and this is a universal concept in all financial markets. Regardless of the instrument class, markets will always show trends and trend reversals.

Therefore, my strategy works on nearly all markets. I personally trade this strategy on forex, futures, CDF's, stock indexes and crypto.

How does the program work?

There are 3 cornerstones of the program:

First off is the core of the program: the strategy. You’ll find a member’s area with a whole lot of information there: strategy guides, how to find setups, stop loss and take profit placement, risk, correlations, how to deal with news, when not to trade, etc. Basically anything you need to know to trade my strategy can be found there. Alternatively, I will help you develop your own strategy.

The second part is the weekly outlook I publish. This contains setups that I will trade myself every week, I just make this for myself and publish the setups with extra explanation for the members as well. The purpose of this is to see practical implementation of the strategy and see how I trade. This also contains trade reviews: a full overview of the setups of the week before, in order to see how I approach the trade, manage it and so on.

The last part is the trading room chat: this is where we hang out every day and talk trading: share setups, discus trading related topics and just talk about the market. This is also where I will be available for 12 hours every day to answer questions directly, help with your trading (like setting up a journal, a trading plan, ways to become more disciplined, etc). Basically, the mentoring, both in a group setting and one on one.

Additionally, I have an EA (which I programmed myself) that can help with the execution part of the strategy. It takes care of entering trades, setting SL and TP, position sizing and trade management. This EA is optional but helpful if you choose to use it.

I only trade crypto, will I get value out of this program?

Absolutely. Any market will show trends and trend reversals so this strategy is very applicable to crypto markets as well. I personally have been involved in crypto markets since 2013 so I know how this asset class moves.

And who knows, you might be tempted to try out forex too, after seeing my strategy on other instruments 😉

I'm a beginner, is this trading program for me?

Yes it is! If you're an absolute beginner, I will help you with some materials to get you started and of course, you will get my mentoring for any trading concept you struggle to understand.

Even if you have some or a lot of experience, you will benefit from this program since I use concepts that are not commonly used elsewhere + my mentoring will give you plenty of value for money.

Can you explain how the Expert Advisor (EA) works?

The EA is what I call a "hybrid" EA: this means that it's not fully automatic but instead, needs to be configured per trading setup. However, once this is done, the EA will take care of:

  • entering trades
  • calculating lot size based on % of account size
  • calculating stop loss and take profit
  • manage the open trade
  • exit the position if required


As you can see, the EA can be a huge help to traders with limited time. The EA allows you to take trades while you're at work, asleep or otherwise not able to monitor the market in advance. Once the EA has taken a trade, it will manage it completely automatically.

What instruments do you trade

I trade about 40 instruments in total:

  • FX pairs (all majors, most minors and some exotics)
  • Commodities (gold, silver, platinum, crude oil)
  • Equity indexes (SPX, Nasdaq, etc)
  • Crypto
What timeframes do you use?

My main timeframes are 1H, 4H and daily, although I also trade the timeframes in between: 2H, 6H, 8H and 12H. My strategy rules explain how you can choose the best timeframe for a certain trading setup.

I know a lot about trading but I have difficulties putting everything together. Can you help?

Absolutely! As traders, we go through different stages and what often happens is that we get obsessed by learning more and more. That's good because you need a wide array of trading approaches to understand what is right for you, but it also opens you up to the risk of analysis paralysis.

I can help with that. It's helpful to know a lot but in the end, you only need a few things that work well and just focus on that. My strategy offers this and I can help you focus on the right things.

How many trades do you take per week?

This obviously varies per week but I average 4-5 trades a week.

How much time do I need to trade this strategy?

Once you're comfortable with executing the strategy, it doesn't take that much time. I personally spend around 30 minutes a day on actual execution and trade analysis and a few hours in the weekend to prepare for the week.

In the beginning, you will obviously benefit from spending as much time as you have available to learn the strategy. More time equals faster learning process 🙂

Where are you based?

I'm originally from Belgium but I currently live in Tokyo, Japan. Konnichiwa! 😉


Enroll Now – Learn To Trade The Right Way


Currently, I’m limiting enrollment as I prefer to keep the trading group small
but with motivated traders who are in it for the right reasons.

If you’re interested in joining the program, please get in touch and tell me a bit more about your trading experience so far, how long you’ve been trading, what you have done so far to improve your trading and your expectations. I’ll get back to you ASAP.